The Pestify Higher Standard

Most pest control companies operate under a set of professional guidelines that are referred to as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) or Integrated Pest Control (IPC). This is a broad-based approach that makes use of environmentally-safe pest control practices.

The IPM/IPC standard involves 7 standard steps that are used to deal with pest problems. They are:

Step 1: Planning and inspection
Step 2: Identifying the type of pest
Step 3: Selecting the right pest treatment
Step 4: Pest management and extermination
Step 5: Monitoring
Step 6: Analysis
Step 7: Record keeping and communication

While these standards are good, we felt that we could do better. That’s why we developed our own system….

Pestify’s Higher Standard 10-Stage Customized Pest Management Plan

  1. JUSTIFY – To justify the type of equipment and number of each type to use we inspect your facility to determine pest activity, entry points, food and water sources and pest zones.
  2. VERIFY– We verify current and potential problems areas including the operations and people traffic.
  3. IDENTIFY– We will identify your major existing pests or threats to prevent or control the problem
  4. MODIFY– Modify treatment strategies to the needs of each customer by staying abreast of problems specific to each business
  5. FORTIFY – We will work with you to fortify your sanitation regime schedule so as to reduce factors that could cause pest populations multiplying
  6. NULLIFY – Eliminate/Reduce pest populations using chemical and non chemical methods
  7. QUANTIFY– Determine the monitoring needed based on pest findings
  8. CLASSIFY – The number of treatments, type and frequency will depend on the level of infestation
  9. CERTIFY – Reporting of pest sightings and documentation of chemicals used in each facility for managers and public health inspection auditors
  10. SATISFY– Satisfaction:Going Above and Beyond. Our customers matter to us, and giving them a pest free environment is our job. We offer a pest-free guarantee. If pests show up again after we have treated your facility, we will return to re-treat your business at no additional cost to you.