Why You Should Take Care of Ant Colonies as Soon as Possible

New ant colonies are started by a single queen that lays up to 800 eggs per day. The brood of young ants will develop into worker ants. When workers forage for food for the queen and her young then often enter the house and become a problem.

This is where the problem starts because your home, the surrounding yard, and trash bins are packed with food that the ants love!

These ants need to be controlled before they enter your house.

Ant colonies frequently move indoors, that means trouble.

Some Facts About Ants..

  • a typical ant queen can lay up to 800 eggs per day.
  • an average ant colony ranges from 8,000 – 50,000 ants.
  • when they find food, ants leave a chemical trail so that more ants can find it.
  • your colony may have satellite colonies in nearby yards, this means that killing the the colony that you see might not be enough.
  • as with bees, once an ant colony gets too large, a queen will leave to form a colony nearby.
  • it doesn’t cost much to have an ant colony professionally exterminated

How (Not to) Control Ants

Spraying the ants that you see in your home won’t work. It spreads pesticide in your home but it only kills the ants that are visible at that moment. You could accomplish this much by stepping on them!

Unfortunately, if there is a nearby colony, it is almost certain that more will come.

What Actually Works

For permanent control, you need to get rid of the whole colony, including the queens and larva that are growing into the next generation of worker ants. This is accomplished by baiting the colony with a slow acting pesticide that can be spread through the entire colony by the worker ants themselves.

Have Us do it for you

Dealing with ants can be incredibly frustrating and tedious. While they may seem small, they usually have a large colony behind them. If you can kill 50 – 100 per day, the queen will produce 800 more. It is a losing battle unless you get the queen! This is even more important if they’ve already established a nest indoors, perhaps inside a wall or behind a cabinet.

Professional Strength Solutions

We are a professional pest control company. We can usually take care of your ant problem in one or two visits. We have specialized training, and are licensed by the Ontario Government. That gives us access to high quality ant control products that work!

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